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Creating an essentials box for your move

When it comes to moving house, there are certain items that you will need on hand while loading your possessions and unpacking in your new home, what we would call the moving essentials. It makes the first day and night a whole lot easier for families from Lichfield embarking upon a fresh start in an unfamiliar house. Below we’ve put together a few suggestions to you started your essentials box.

Stay hydrated and fed

Moving is a tiring job with lots of lifting and lots of dust which makes you hungry and thirsty. It’s crucial to stop for food to give yourself enough energy to get through the day. Put together a packed lunch the night before with some snacks and maybe some fruit, and leave out tea and coffee or bottled water for refreshments.

Have some tools on hand

Just in case there’s a shelf you may have missed, it’s useful to keep a screwdriver, hammer and maybe a torch handy in case any last-minute jobs crop up, or any immediate repairs are apparent at your new home.

Cleaning products

You’ll want to leave your old house spotless when you last close the front door, so keep out washing up liquid and a tea towel. And make sure you have toilet paper. The last thing you want to be doing when you’re supposed to be moving is dashing to a supermarket in Lichfield for toilet role.

A change of clothes and pyjamas

You could almost think of your first night in your new house as a sleepover, so prepare some spare clothes for the morning and make sure you keep your PJs and dressing gown nearby. It’s unlikely that you’ll unpack everything after a long and stressful removals day, so having those comforts will be a help.

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