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How to avoid a panic on removals day

It isn’t easy to enjoy moving home even with the smoothest of removals, but there are certain contingencies you can take to reduce the impending dread that packing up all your belongings brings. By tackling the challenge early with a systematic approach, you can reduce the anxiety and embrace the new beginning.

Be ruthless

Before you start making an inventory of all your worldly possessions, consider which items you can live without and bin them. Beginning the process early and going room by room, taking out anything you can easily replace or don’t need, like a timetable for the number 6 bus to Solihull, will save valuable time closer to moving day.

Organising everything you’re taking

Now you’ve cleared out the rubbish and created some space you can start to organise all the items your removals company will be transporting. Resisting the temptation to group similar sized items, you should box everything according to the rooms in which you keep them. It will make unloading it in the new home much more straightforward.

Now make an inventory!

Alongside packing all of your things, you should start to make an inventory. Hence, you have a record of everything that the removals firm will be transporting, including those regional wines you bought from Solihull Famers’ Market, should anything be damaged in transit. If you can take pictures, then that’s even better.

Secure your most important possessions

These would include any items of sentimental value but also important legal documents and anything that you will need as soon as you arrive at your new home, such as a kettle and tea bags. If you have any up need for removals, then get in touch with Grange Removals. With over five decades of experience of helping families from Solihull ease into their new home.