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It’s easy to forget things before removals day

With the constant buzz of excitement mixed in with a degree of trepidation and anxiety, it can be easy to forget little things when it comes to removals day. At Grange Removals, we have been in the business of moving families in Tamworth for over five decades, so we understand the aspects of moving home that folk can sometimes overlook. Below we’ll highlight a few of the most common.

Make sure your labelling is detailed

Having any label is better than none at all, but if you want to make moving as effortless as possible, there are other details to include. As well as identifying what the box contains, say Tamworth F.C programmes, incorporate the room you want the box putting in. Presenting the removals company with a manifest will get you moved and settled much quicker. If you have multiple boxes containing similar items, then number them and cultivate an inventory, so you know what each box contains.

The drawer you keep everything in!

Nearly every house across the land, from Tamworth to Tintagel, has a drawer that people casually chuck stuff in never to see the light of day again. Well, when you move that junk drawer needs emptying along with any other drawers in cabinets, bookcases or dressing tables. It makes moving furniture so much easier and doesn’t leave you picking up loose screws and marbles off the living room floor.

Check the tops of furniture

It seems silly, but it’s surprising how often little trinkets or ornaments are left on top of bookcases and forgotten, only to drop off and smash when you disturb it. To guarantee that you don’t break any long-lost family heirlooms check the tops of all of your tall furniture.