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Thinking of moving offices? Here’s what you need to know

As a removals company of many years’ experience, we can testify that no office removal in Sutton Coldfield is ever the same. With domestic removals, there are certain norms that we come to expect, but each company is different, working in a variety of building types and environments. That said, there are a few things that stand out as crucial to a successful office removals strategy and below we’ve shared them with you.

Onsite evaluations

It’s almost inconceivable to us that any office move could transition smoothly without a professional removals firm. We would conduct an onsite survey first so we could understand the different requirements and levels of access. We also emphasise the importance of making sure the staff that work in the office know exactly what and how they need to pack before the move.

Get the staff onside early

Whenever a business in Sutton Coldfield elects to relocate its offices, it will inevitably impact some workers more than others. For some employees, it may mean a longer recruit across heavy traffic or even getting the bus if they were within walking distance. By letting staff know early it will help them to make arrangements for commuting to the new office and help the business focus on the move in a positive sense.

Accept that there will be some downtime

No matter how efficient we are as a removals company in Sutton Coldfield, there will always be some lost time and productivity involved with an office relocation. Weekend moves can lessen this, but even then crucial preparations that need take time. Try to factor all this into your work schedule to minimise the downtime by prioritising essential tasks well in advance or after the move.