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If you can’t face the thought of packing leave it to us! Grange Removals can provide a full range of move services and are fully trained and insured to take this burden away from you. We can provide all the packing materials you will need to securely pack your belongings and we pay special attention to the more delicate items. We have various packing materials for small and large items, secure storage boxes for small items and for larger items we can provide portable wardrobes.

To provide you with an estimate we will need to arrange a visit to your home/premises. This will give us an idea of the scope of packing involved and an idea of what storage materials you will require.

As well as packing we can also unpack your belongings at the other end. This will involve us unpacking your belongings onto flat surfaces and the disposal of all packing material, saving you a job which can sometimes take months! Alternatively we are happy for you to undertake your own packing and unpacking. We can just provide you with the packing materials/consumables at a competitive price.

Grange Removals Offers 3 Packing Services:

  • 1. Full pack – Simply leave it as it is and we’ll do the rest!
  • 2. Packing of breakables – We will take care of your most delicate items.
  • 3. Customer pack – We are happy for our customers to undertake their own packing and are always available for advice.

All options are available to domestic and commercial clients. Contact us to discuss your packing needs.

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We can provide all your packing containers and materials

If you decide not to take advantage of our professional packing service we can still provide you with packing consumables at a very competitive price. From our free survey we’ll be able to calculate the consumables (boxes, bubble wrap, tape, tissue etc.) you’ll need. This service is available for both our domestic and commercial clients.

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Packaging, Consumables, Containers & Boxes

Once you have agreed your move with us we can arrange with you a convenient time to deliver your packing materials. We can provide:

Secure Storage Boxes

We use double skinned boxes which means they are very strong and secure and will not collapse when stacked.

Wardrobe Boxes

5 feet tall boxes that have a door that opens so you can simply empty your own wardrobe contents into them.

Tape, Bubble Wrap & Tissue

We can supply high quality brown packing tape to securely tape boxes, bubble wrap and acid free tissue paper to pack the more delicate items.